Annual Super Bole Walk, February 7, 1pm. Work off the calories from the Super Bowl party! Meet at the Civil War monument on the Plymouth Green, corner of Main St.and North St., Plymouth. We will hike the trails in the nearby Leach Stanton Land Trust property. We'll learn how to identify trees in winter, and explore the old foundations of the 1850s Shelton Tuttle carriage factory. We'll finish by 2:30 with free refreshments at Antiques at The Green. Bad weather cancels. For more information, call 860-921-6118.

The Plymouth Land Trust
Plymouth, Connecticut
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        The Plymouth Land Trust, Inc. is a local, non-profit organization formed to permanently protect land in Plymouth, Connecticut for its natural, recreational, scientific, scenic, historical, or agricultural value. The Land Trust is not a town agency.  It depends on volunteers who want to make a difference and care about conserving land for future generations. 

The Plymouth Land Trust, Inc. is a 501 c (3) charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service tax code.              

          The Land Trust originated in 1967 with the donation of 25 acres. We now have almost 125 acres, all through donations by individuals who wish to leave a legacy of permanently protected land.


       The "Walking Tour of Plymouth Center" is a full color guide to the village of Plymouth Center, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Tour features:
1. the Plymouth Burying Ground, created in 1747, where 38 soldiers from the Revolutionary War are buried, and discover how the symbols and inscriptions on the gravestones provide clues to life in colonial Connecticut,
2. the Plymouth Green, site of the beautiful 1838 Greek Revival Congregational Church (pictured above),
3.historic buildings, including where George Washington stayed during the Revolutionary War, and a house that was a stop on the Underground Railroad for slaves seeking their freedom, and
4. the Carriage Shop Trail on the Land Trust property that leads to the large stone foundations of the 1850s Shelton Tuttle carriage factory.

Copies of the "Walking Tour of Plymouth Center" are available at Antiques at the Green (703 Main Street), the Plymouth Post Office, and the Plymouth Town Hall (80 Main Street).        

The "Walking Tour" brochure can also be viewed here.


We offer one hour guided tours of Plymouth Center and the Burying Ground for both adult and youth groups.  Discover what life was like in colonial Connecticut
by learning about the symbolism and inscriptions on the gravestones.

We also provide lantern tours that are a fun way to learn about our history.

Contact us to arrange a tour for your group!

More information about Plymouth's history can be obtained from our friends at the Plymouth Historical Society.      

Terryville Tree Tour
Tree Walk of Baldwin Park and Hillside Cemetery

come see our "downtown arboretum"

The Terryville Tree Tour is a self-guided walk to see the surprising variety of unique and unusually large trees found in downtown Terryville. Several specimens are listed as Notable Trees by the Connecticut Botanical Society. Have you ever seen a Kentucky coffeetree or a Cucumbertree magnolia? They're right here! Copies of the brochure are available at Back to Basics Garden Center (31 Main St., Terryville) as well as the Plymouth Town Hall (80 Main Street, Terryville). Call 860-921-6118 for more information.

The brochure can also be viewed here:

Terryville Tree Tour Walking Guide.pdf

We Sell Firewood
Did you know we sell firewood from our land? We sell marked, standing trees for $35 per cord. Applicants must wear personal protective equipment (chaps, hard hat, eye and ear protection). Contact us for more information.